Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What a delightful book!

As I rushed to get dressed for the world and out the door to my Weight Watchers meeting and the grocery store, I read the comments from two SS readers who had finished the book. I knew I had to finish. I couldn't wait until bedtime. When I picked up Light from Heaven, standing in the middle of the bathroom, I saw there were only five pages left. Good. I had time.

You don't know what a struggle it was for me not to look ahead. To strangle the struggle, I covered up the rest of the page with my hand as I read.

Yes, I was teary.

How wonderful it would be to be someone who has a gift for making people into a family again, as Cynthia said.

2007 promises The Father Tim Novels. I do look forward to those.


Carol in Oregon said...

I'm sorry for making it so difficult for you, Janie. I have to tell you what I did: I was in Costco with my husband and I looked at the last page. I was so afraid Father Tim would die in this one. You know, the title, Light from Heaven. So I read the last sentence of the afterward, nodded like life was OK, and kept shopping. My husband was APPALLED. "You can't look at the end before you've read the book!" he protested. No excuses. Just had to do it.

Seasonal Soundings said...

[SPOILER of sorts---DON'T read this comment if you've not finished Light from Heaven!!!!]

Well, Carol, let me tell you a little more of exactly how I finished the book!

After what you all said about that "last line of the book", when I finished the chapter (but not the Afterword), I didn't know if you all were referring to the completed family or something else. So, I continuted to read with my hand covering up everything to come. You know in the Afterword when Father Tim is in that dreamy-drowsy state...thinking that he was dreaming and almost portraying one of those end-of-life-looking-down-from-above and when he says something about seeing his "mortal body" laying there...well, I just knew he had died, thus the title of the book.

I was so relieved when I finished!!

Confession for both of us this morning!

Btw, Carol, do you post at TWTM?
(I told you I was curious as a cat!)