Friday, November 25, 2005

Soundtrack for today

Lovely renaissance music played on period intruments with reformational lyrics.

The virgin mother lulls to sleep
Him who rules the cosmic deep;

This Infant is the Lord of day,
whom all the turning worlds obey.

from "We Praise, O Christ, Your Holy Name"

Martin Luther: Hymns, Ballads, Chants, Truth 4 CD Set


Carol in Oregon said...

Janie, that looks excellent.

I have so many lovely thoughts toward you today. I'm listening to my new Yo-Yo Ma CD and I just finished my first Miss Julia book (our library didn't have the first one, so I borrowed Miss Julia Takes Charge). It was just the right tone for a fun book to enjoy during the holiday weekend. My mother-in-law would very much enjoy Miss Julia. She has some of the same spunk.

Have you ever heard of Luminosa? It's a boys choir. I bought their CD Libera through BMG music last year and love it. Most of the songs are in Latin. My favorite is Gaudete. The translation is Rejoice, Christ is born of the Virgin Mary, rejoice!

I'm elated that Emily is back in the US. I can't wait for you to post after you've given her a hug.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Thanks, Carol, about Luminosa. I'm listening to samples from Amazon right now. I love music sung in Latin. I'm afraid these will be going on my wishlist. :)

I finished Miss Julia's School of Beauty this morning and did not like it. It seemed this one had Miss Julia just full of herself though I'm sure I'll read the new one that comes out next year. It was kind of a disappointment after wonderful Father Tim.

Emily---yes! She called this morning and said they may be home a day earlier than expected and "can you come earlier?" "OF COURSE, sweetie pie. I'll go to the Moon if I have to!!" This coming week!!!