Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Theodore Roosevelt---what a man

"Far better it is to dare mighty things,
to win glorious triumphs,
even though checkered by failure,
than to take rank with those poor spirits
who neither enjoy much
nor suffer much
because they live in the gray twilight
that knows neither victory nor defeat."
Theodore Roosevelt

"On this day in 1905, when his administration had lost a strategic legislative battle on the floor of the Senate, [President Theodore Roosevelt] called each of the men who had led the opposition to the White House. Expecting an angry tirade or a hysterical harangue, the sentoars were surprised when Roosebelt anxiously gathered them around his desk and asked for their advice. 'How could I have handled this bill better? What did I say or not say to cause you to oppose it? What should I do in the future to better advance my principles?'

"Later one of those gathered said, 'I learned more about leadership and greatness in that one incident than in all my previous years in politics.'

"For Roosevelt, true leadership not only involved a strength of character that was unafraid to admit failure, was willing to learn from error, and was quick to accept wise counsel, it also involved a sense of calling that was able to integrate usch virtues into life with real confidence. For him, failure was merely the back door to success."

from The Christian Almanac by Geroge Grant


Carol in Oregon said...

He's a wonder. I've had a biography on my shelf, waiting to be read. You make me want to put life on hold, make a cup of tea and read away. The snowflakes are coming down, it's a perfect day for it.

Thank you for your advent offerings. We don't attend a liturgical church and I miss the church calendar. I'm putting the BOCP on the top of my bedside table.

Emily, where are you? I'm so eager for her to be home with you, Janie. What anticipation!!

One question: do you have the Christmas CD put out by Phil Coulter and James Galway? My local music store owner picked it up and thought I might like it. I'm ready to pounce on it soon.

I received a James Taylor Christmas CD put out by Hallmark last year. It is so very nice. There are maybe two tracks that I'm not excited about, but the others are very lovely. I'm a bit cynical about every Tom, Dick and Harry putting out Christmas CDs. I'd love to hear what your favorites are. Besides the Messiah ;) !!

Camy said...

We love Teddy here. He's a true boybarian at heart (smile). Janie, I hope you post about Emily's homecoming...I'm dying to hear about it! Have a great day. Blessing, Camy

Seasonal Soundings said...

Carol--I have Phil Coulter's Christmas, but it is just Coulter. I also have Winter's Crossing by Coulter & Galway, but it is not a Christmas one. Sooooo, is there a new one? Please pass on the title!

I've read several bios of Teddy. Which one do you have?

And Camy and Carol---Thursday is homecoming day! Probably won't get a post up until Fri/Sat. It will be a long day. But very exciting!