Thursday, December 15, 2005

Always winter and never Christmas

When I finished re-reading The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe in preparation for seeing the movie, I began reading The Soul of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by Gene Veith.

In Veith's book, he says
"As in that real world that we inhabit, Narnia is under a curse. It is always winter. It is cold, frozen. In our world, winter is a time when the plants and trees become lifeless. Though a spark of life does remain, blooming in the resurrection of spring, winter signifies a time of death.

"There is one good thing about winter though---Chrsitmas. The fact that the most joyful holiday of the year takes place in the depressing depths of winter is symbolic in itself. The light of Christ comes precisely in our moment of greatest darkness. (John 1:4-5). In winter we find a time of hope." (emphasis mine)


Camy said...

Janie, I hope you will post a review of the Narnia film. Dh and my boys saw it last week and liked it. The first thing they did when arriving home from the film was tell me of discrepancies as compared with the book. Classical education has trained their critical eye well. Blessings! Camy

Carol in Oregon said...

I LIKE Gene Veith. Or is it Ed? We have been listening to Doug Wilson's 7 part CD series, "What I Learned From Narnia". Very good.

We saw the movie and I would give it a 9.2 out of 10. There were some important lines omitted. I was most concerned that they got Lucy right and, Janie, she's as right as rain. A very capable young actress who can display a range of emotions across her face.

Like Camy, I'm eager to read your review. I'm still salivating over your Christmas music, my friend. Of all the ones you've shared, which is your most favorite?

Yes, and, hmmmmmmm, how many points is a serving of that Potato Casserole? I just joined WW (the day before Thanksgiving - isn't that a hoot?). If my memory is right you mentioned a trip to WW in one of your entries. So far 5 pounds lost. Yippee!

Seasonal Soundings said...

We haven't seen Narnia yet. Trying to arrange six people to go at the same time when everyone is off work and can is hard! Dh and I don't go to movies; we're slugs who like to wait for the DVD and view in the comfort of our chairs. But our younguns say we have to experience it! I understand and am looking forward to it, plus dinner out!

Now Carol, this is just tooo weird! I like Veith too. And, Lucy is my favorite. To me, Lucy's not Lucy if she's not the BBC Lucy!
And.....when I first joined WW (I've been doing this on and off for 3 years!), I joined the week of Thanksgiving. I have no idea how many points! But I use fat-free sour cream always and that's got to help! I think the rule of thumb for casseroles is 1 cup = 8 points. Because they usually have cheese, butter, and sour cream. All those goooodd ingreds!

My favorite music of all I've shared---a draw between Coventry Carols and Gloria. Beautiful!