Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How Dy-boy came to be named

Dy-boy, of blogfame from being a naughty boy below, is really a boy. Fourteen years ago while living in WV, someone in the church had a white cat who had had kittens--all white--and needed to find homes for them. My girls, then seven and ten years old, desperately wanted one each. Since we lived out in the country and had plenty of space of these additional two to add to the old cat hubby and I had taken through several moves, we let them each have a cat.

Two identical white cats. To help the girls choose names, I looked to see if we had boys, girls, or a combination. Checking this on young kittens is not that easy. At least it wasn't for me. I saw that one was male, the other female. The story--or legend--that has developed from my girls is that I handed Ashley the girl and Emily the boy. Ashley promptly named hers Diana from Garfield and Emily, Milo from the movie Milo and Otis. Well.....the kittens grew so that their anatomy was undisputable. Diana was really a boy and Milo was really a girl. Milo was do-able as a girl, but Diana for a boy?

Ashley's cat's name went from Diana to Di to Dy-boy. Dy-boy, because it is a combination of our last name and the fact that he is really a boy.

Thus, the name!

And Donna, this cat literally hears food. If he happens to be inside, which he is not supposed to be, he distinguishes between the sound of a spoon in a cup of coffee and a spoon in a bowl of anything. He's not the least bit interested in coffee, but cereal or soup, or anything on a plate...he comes running. In fact, he can be upstairs asleep and still hears the spoon touch a bowl all the way downstairs! He might be old, but he can hear perfectly.

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Debbie V. said...

Thanks for the good story and explanation. Your description of how he hears the spoons, etc from so far away is really funny, but true (we have a cat as well)