Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Loose ends?

Loose ends? Or tied together somehow?

Before life took over last week, I read several things in one day that seemed, at the time, to complement each other. For lack of time now or in the near future to let these mellow, I'll just post them and see if you think they blend with each other. Or maybe you will just enjoy and profit from each in isolation from the other.

And, if you see little new on Seasonal Soundings for the next couple of weeks, I am putting SS on the backburner for a bit. Life. It does demand my attention; sometimes.

From The Divine Conspiracy

"To be a disciple of Jesus is, crucially, to be learning from Jesus how todo your job as Jesus himself would do it. New Testament language for this is to do it 'in the name' of Jesus.

"Once you stop to think about it, you can see that not to find your job to be a primary place of discipleship is to automatically exclude a major part, if not most, of your waking hours from life with him. It is to assume to run one of the largest areas of your interest and concern on your own or under the direction and instruction of people other than Jesus....

"A gentle but firm noncooperation with things that everyone knows to be wrong, together with a sensitive, nonofficious, nonintrusive, nonobsequious service to others, should be our usual overt manner. This should be combined with inward attitudes of constant prayer for whatver kind of activity our workplace requires and genuine love for everyone involved."

From Booker T. Washington:
"Never get into a rut. You cannot afford to do a thing poorly. You are more injured in shirking your work or half-doing a job than the person for whom you are working."

From C. H. Spurgeon:
"Discernment is not a matter of simply telling the difference between right and wrong; rather it is telling the difference between right and almost right."


Carol in Oregon said...

Wonderful quotes, Janie. They each can stand by themselves, but the go together well.

I love: a gentle but firm noncooperation with things that everyone knows to be wrong. My husband works at our local hospital and there is some tension about appropriate, non-offensive greetings. No dictates from on high, but some poor souls are confused. Curt smiles and says "Happy Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ!"

Thank you for your posts. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration. My future DIL will be down after Christmas and I think I'll ask her to help me set up my own blog.

Carol in Oregon said...

Janie, Janie, JANIE!! I took my son to the music store and looked for Coventry Carols. Not there, but I got James Galway's Christmas Carol. It has Jesus Christ The Apple Tree among other delightful offerings. I wouldn't have recognized it, had it not been for your blog. The CD is a nice blend between instrumental pieces and choral pieces. Thank you for enriching my Christmas celebration.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Ah, Carol! I have been listening to Galway's Christmas Carol today--before you ever posted this comment! I just am amazed at how parallel our lives are!