Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ornament favorites

Donna at Quiet Life asked readers to post their favorite Christmas ornaments. Obviously, this isn't an ornament, but it is one of my favorites at Christmastime. I love lighted garland twisting up the stair rails!

Probably my favorite two ornaments are these two. I made these from some kind of a kit when I was about 14 years old and have kept them all these years. I like the color of the blue and the glitter of the green one. They are not small--a little smaller than a softball.


Donna Boucher said...


Did you look at my favorite ornament????

It is very similar to yours!!!
My mother made my pink pin/pearl ornament!


Seasonal Soundings said...

Yes!! After I posted these pics, I clicked link to your favorite and squealed! Yes. I loved doing those ornaments. And I'm glad our favorites are so similar.

Sarah said...

Oh, my mom has one just like these too!! It's red, with a green tassel and white pins.

We used to *hate* it when we were young. We called it "Sputnik". We still laugh every year when she pulls it out: "Look, there's Sputnik!!"