Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Ready Mind

From CiRCE Institute’s Monthly Meditation---

Qualities of a Ready Mind

Howard Gardner is one of the more interesting contemporary education theorists. Here is something he wrote for Ed Week that had some intriguing parallels to what classical education seeks. What do you think?

"Beyond the Herd Mentality--The Minds That We Truly Need in the Future"

○ A disciplined mind, that can think well and appropriately in the major disciplines;

○ A synthesizing mind, that can sift through a large amount of information, decide what is important, and put it together in ways that make sense for oneself and for others;

○ A creative mind, that can raise new questions, come up with novel solutions, think outside the box;

○ A respectful mind, that honors the differences among individuals and groups, and tries to understand them and work productively with them; and

○ An ethical mind, that thinks, beyond selfish interests, about the kind of worker one aspires to be, and the kind of citizen that one should be.

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