Monday, December 12, 2005

This is what happens...

...I fry chicken for chicken parmesan,

and leave the grease to cool in the skillet,
and go change clothes to leave for town,
someone in our house feels sorry for outdoor kitty Dy-boy,
and lets him in.


Notice his face.
And his feet. All four feet.
And notice where Dy-boy-so-full-of-grease-that-tastes-like-chicken has his right front leg.
Doesn't he look satiated?

Instead of catching him red-handed, Dy-boy was caught greasy-footed.
Dy-boy and his sister, who is also solid white, are our oldest cats now. Fourteen years old.


Debbie V. said...

This is so cute and funny. His real name is Dy-boy? How did that come about?

Donna Boucher said... naughty.

My cat is not interested in food.
She loves my yarn.
If I don't hid it well enough when I go to bed at night...I often wake up to find half knit mittens and yarn draping the stairs.

Why does she love it so???