Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Worship cancellation on The Lord’s Day, December 25, 2005

Interesting. For thoughts about cancelling corporate worship services on Christmas Day this year, read this at Buried Treasure Books.

And all because the day historically celebrated by Christians as the birth of the Messiah happens to fall on the Lord’s Day this year.

As I read and began formulating my own thoughts about this, I read Patty in WA’s response at Intent, and I’m reprinting it here.

..."How Sad."...
O, Come let us adore Him.
Sorry. Too busy.

I cannot come to the banquet, don't trouble me now,
I have married a wife,I have bought me a cow.
I have fields and commitments that cost a pretty sum.
Pray, hold me excused, I cannot come.

This report made me very sad for the state of the church.
...It's about finding the Center, Christ; about worshiping, about making life "normal" as a Christian.
...Venite adoramus, Dominum.
...But for the church to abdicate the Christian tradition of Sunday Worship and not provide a worship service bothers me a great deal.

Yes, it bothers me too. Since when is the focus of worship on the Lord’s Day about me and us?
Maybe when convenience takes priority over obedience.


sparrow said...

Patty has a beautiful way with words.

Much joy to you and your family as you worship Christ this Christmas.

Camy said...

I echo those words! I also like Emily's advice. I'm sure she has come by it honestly! Hi, Emily (waving)! Janie, I bet you are enjoying your daughter. Blessings. Camy

Patty in WA said...

Well, I've started about 5 responses and can't get any of them done, mostly out of respect for your blog. I guess it nets out to this: A significant portion of the evangelical portion of the Christian church seems to be keeping pace with post-modernism and our ceding to the demands of the culture. I have to stop's after that sentence that I think things start to belong on my (deceased) blog. Christianity Today's Web Overview has a good write up on this issue, however. As does Touchstone's.

Tell Emily the advice was well thought of in our home. We are glad SHE is home.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Will you email me? My address is on the left side bar on the blog page at "my front porch." I have a suggestion.

Thank you for sharing the depth of your thoughts.


Patty in WA said...