Sunday, January 15, 2006

2005 Reading

[I am in the process of moving and commenting on 2005 books read and will be updating comments on these books throughout the week.]

The One Year Book of Hymns.
The Christian Almanac. (Grant & Wilbur)
Term Limits. (Flynn)
A Walk in the Woods. (Bryson)
Nine Mile Bridge. (Helen Hamlim)
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. (Lewis)
A Circle of Quiet. (L'Engle)
Jotham's Journey. (Ytreeide)
Miss Julia’s School of Beauty. (Ross)
Light from Heaven. (Karon)
Miss Julia Meets Her Match. (Ross)
Miss Julia Hits the Road. (Ross)
Miss Julia Takes Over. (Ross)
The Water is Wide. (Conroy)
Total Truth. (Pearcey)
Green Grass of Wyoming. (O'Hara)
In This Mountain. (Karon)
Thunderhead. (O'Hara)
Chromosome 6. (Cook)
Miss Julia Throws a Wedding. (Ross)
The Trapp Family Singers. (Maria A. Trapp)
Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind. (Ross)
Brain. (Cook)
Fever. (Cook)
Artist of the Reformation. (McPherson)
Lorna Doone. (Blackmore)
The Courage to Teach. (Palmer)
Teaching Redemptively. (Graham)
The Story of Winston Churchill. (Malkus)
Between a Rock & a Hard Place. (Ralston)
The Ezekiel Option. (Rosenburg)
Toxin. (Cook)
The Hot Zone. (Preston)
Marker. (Cook)
Contagion. Cook)
Shock. (Cook)
Invasion. (Cook)
The Passionate Teacher. (Fried)
The Elements of Teaching.(Banner & Cannon)
1776. (McCollough)
Building a Christian Academy. (Holmes.)
Monster. (Peretti)
Winterflight. (Bayly)
How Now Shall We Live. (Colson/Pearcey)
Mornings on Horseback. ( McCullough)
Putting Feet to the Trivium. (Garfield)
More Than Dates & Dead People. (Mansfield)
The Swamp Fox of the Revolution. (Holbrook)
When No One Sees. (Guinness)
The Glorious Cause. (Shaara)
The Word of God in English. (Ryken)
To Teach, To Love. (Stuart)
Timothy of the Cay. (Taylor)
The Cay. Theodore (Taylor)
Promise and Deliverance, Vol. 1.(DeGraaf)
Habits of the Mind. (Sire)
Condi: The Condolezza Rice Story. (Felix)
Morning by Morning. (Penn-Nabrit)
The Queen of Education. (Johnson)
My Posse Don’t Do Homework. (Johnson)
Shakespeare’s Spy. (Blackwood)
Heaven is Not My Home. (Marshall)
Sam Houston. (Johnson)
Gone for Soldiers. (Shaara)

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Carol In Oregon said...

Janie, one of my favorite things is other people's reading lists. You've inspired me to write down the books I've read this year.

Here's my question for you...which, if any, books would you read again?