Friday, January 27, 2006


I just got the nicest gift.

Well, I don't have it in hand yet.

I was talking to my sister on the phone just now. She was calling on her way home from work. As we chatted, she arrived at her house and picked up her mail. There was a very audible, yet hushed, "Ooooohhh, they came."

"What came?"

"Oh...well...uh...something I ordered....Ooooohh...."

"Well, what is it?!"

"I ordered us each something special. I had planned to give you yours when we go to the beach....But, I can tell you now if you want....Yes, let me tell you....I have to."

"You ordered something for me?"

"Yes; do you remember that article you sent me about Jan Karon?"


"Well, at the end of the article, after she described the little press in her town that first took on the publication of Father Tim Stories in the newspaper [
a similar article here], there was information about leatherbound copies available of At Home in Mitford and signed by Jan Karon. I ordered us both a copy because it was the book that you kept pushing on me and the one that got me back into reading after so long."

"Awww, [sniff, sniff], really? You ordered us both a copy of Mitford signed by Karon? Aww, you're making me teary..."

Sister went on to talk about how beautiful the books were and that since they were packaged so well, she was just going to mail mine on to me rather than wait for the beach trip (which is months to come).

"Besides, there may be another one coming by beach-time!"

How thoughtful!

Sisters are special. It's really nice to be able to share the love of books and reading together.

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Carol in Oregon said...

Janie, that is really endearing. It's so lovely that she values your input and wanted to "memorialize" it with such a special book.

Sisters are special. I have two, one 11 years older and one 9 years older than I. My oldest sister sent the the entire hardbound Little House series when I told her that I had loaned most of my beloved books out and never retrieved them.