Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Every single time I sell a batch of books, I say I'll never do it again.

I've just spent the better part of six hours online with a full email inbox. And the wind knocked the power out a few times just as I was returning emails. Some were sent and not recorded as sent; others were not sent at all. (That is a the potential hazard of multi-tasking online.) So, this all explains my irritableness today.

The shelves have to be cleaned. And the only logical way to do this and recoop a bit of past investments is to put the mountains of books and curriculae on the sale board.

Of course, I'm thrilled with the responses of people begging for the books.

I'll be in a better frame of mind when these tables are cleared, and I have nothing else to post of the sale board. Deep-down, though, I'm really thankful to be able to supply someone with some book that is needed. It's just been a long day today.

Jay from Classical Astronomy's closing is always "Clear Skies!"

Today, mine is "Clear Shelves!"

These stacks are awaiting confirmation of sales.

These stacks are confirmed sales.

The task from a view a bit afar doesn't look too daunting.

It's time for a hot cup of something, a cookie, and a cat in my lap.


Circle of Quiet said...

Oh, Janie, I understand. I have a stack in a box that I want to sell, but I find amazing things to do to avoid the task. "Someday."

May your inbox be filled with return addresses, your bank account filled with cash, and your shelves available for the next season's volumes.

Happy Wednesday,

Camy said...

Hi, Janie...and, Diane!

I'll admit that I was drooling over your list of books for sale, Janie. We're still not quite to most of the levels you are selling.

Your list was a way for me to evaluate and look toward the nearer-than-I-realize future. Funny thing, today my twins were admiring their peachfuzz moustaches (they are almost 12 years old).

It amazed me to think of the hours of time it cost you to gather, catalog, and post the info. on the sale/swap board. That doesn't mention the time confirming emails, sales, and shipping. There are many who are grateful for your work, I'm sure.