Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Good morning!

Thank you all for such wonderful confirmation surrounding my interest in the adminstrator's position at the local Christian school. I updated and sent in my letter yesterday. If nothing happens, I'm okay with it because I would never know what would happen if I didn't pursue it. "Can't never could." I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday was "Clean Off Your Desk Day." Well, I've been trying to clean off my desk for a few months now, and I still haven't conquered it. If time would stop and let me catch up........

And tell me, what are the odds of this: Three children in college at the same time, all attending different colleges, and all living at home? That's what we have now. And my head is spinning. One started yesterday, one starts today, and the other starts on Monday. Between the three of them are these classes:

College Composition
Medical Terminology
Developmental Psychology
Public Speaking
Organic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Calculus II
Independent Chemical Research

After spending many, many years planning classes, making lesson plans, and arranging assignments as a home educator, I still feel a niggle (a favorite new word to me which means to be preoccupied with petty details or to find fault constantly; in this case, the former) to be involved. But my years of that are over for these three of the four joys of my life.

I've helped them get registered for classes, find and buy their textbooks at the cheapest rate, and helped them learn how to use Blackboard (which is a mind-bending exercise of its own, in my opinion). And I'll continue to help them as they need it.

Today I tackle more of bookshelf clearing.

Right now, my head is dizzy just trying to plan who is going to be home for what meal.

On the menu for tonight by request: Breakfast supper which consists of
sausage gravy and biscuits,
scrambled eggs--some plain and some with sweet peppers, onions, and broccoli,
hashbrown potato casserole,
fried apples.
A nice and warm winter meal, although today is very mild, warm, and sunny.

I plan to continue the blog until I cannot. Thanks for the moderation advice and the encouragement to do so!


Camy said...

Thanks, Janie (grin). I imagine that Emily in particular is relishing her college courses!



Seasonal Soundings said...

Yes she is, Camy. She joined an athletic club not far from the campus and started some exercise classes there too. Her first one of the day is at 5:45 a.m., arranged because she has 8 o'clock college classes. So she leaves the house at 5 a.m. and then finishes the day with a different exercise class. Her military schedule still exists--PT morning and night!

Now wonder what of good effects that schedule would have on my body?............Dreamin' on.....