Monday, January 23, 2006

Life begins........

Life begins at conception.

At 18 days...the baby's heart begins to beat.
At 40 days...brain waves can be detected.
At 56 days...the baby responds to touch.
At 77 days...the baby has fingerprints.
At 98 days...the baby can hear.

Thirty-three years ago this past week, the Supreme Court of the United States of American legalized abortion on demand. Since then, more than 47 million babies' lives have ended.

Many people have worked hard over these thirty-three years to bring public awareness to the travesty of abortion, but none has done it with pictures as well as Lennart Nilsson. As horrible as the results of abortion are, the beauty of human creation in its earliest days of life have alerted people that unborn human life is more than a mass of tissue.

Lennart Nilsson’s lovely book A Child is Born is worth having on your bookshelf.

Take some time to read through "Diary of an Unborn Baby." Some facts may surprise and delight you.

If you support right to life issues and decry abortion legalities, take time to express your thoughts to others in a kind and gentle way.


Camy said...

Thanks, Janie, for posting this beautiful tribute to the value of human life. It's a subject very close to my heart. I had 2 abortions many years ago. The Lord has forgiven me and blessed me 7 times over! I hope you aren't offended that I've revealed such personal information. I have no shame, just abundant joy in the Lord Jesus!

Blessings to you.

PariSarah said...

That book is definitely on my "to buy" list.

I'm currently reading, for a law class on bioethics, case law regarding reproductive medicine. It's so unbelievably depressing how little legal status the embryo/fetus has. So, so depressing.