Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The List for 2006

I've found that the best way to accomplish a good portion of the reading I want to do is have a plan. Last week during my winter sabbatical, I developed The List for 2006.

Now that I'm not homeschooling, and before I go back to work, I have the perfect time to conquer a major portion of this list. No doubt, there will be changes, additions, and deletions. But, as Alexander Pope put it, "A mighty maze, but not without a plan." He was not, of course, referring to my reading list. :)

Morning Devotions:
the complete Bible (following the OT/NT plan at Back to the Bible site)
A Year with C. S. Lewis (C. S. Lewis)
The One Year Book of Christian History (Rusten)

Morning Reading:
The Character of God (Sproul)
Climbing Parnassus (Simmons)
Joy at Work (Bakke)
The Soul’s Quest for God (Sproul)
The Cost of Discipleship (Bonhoeffer)
Realms of Gold (Ryken)
Willing to Believe (Sproul)
Recalling Education (Curtler)
The Intellectual Life (Sertillanges)
Chosen by God (Sproul)

Self- Education:
Church History in Plain Language (Shelley)
Pilgrim's Progress (Bunyan)
Cultural Literacy (Hirsch)
Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky)
How the Irish Saved Civilization (Cahill)
Moby Dick (Melville)

Evening Reading:
The Red Tent (Diamant)
Brave Companions (McCullough)
The Dante Club (Pearl)
The God I Love (Eareckson Tada
The Last Full Measure (Shaara)
Master and Commander (O'Brian)
The Book of God: The Bible as a Novel (Wangerin)
A Place to Stand (Veith)
Post Captain (O'Brian)
A Walk Across America (Jenkins)
A Parcel of Patterns (Walsh)
Pride & Prejudice (Austen)
Prince Caspian (again)(Lewis)
The Tides of War (Pressfield)
To the Last Man (Shaara)
Two Years Before the Mast (Dana)
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (again) (Lewis)

Beach Reading:
all of Vince Flynn’s political thrillers
more Robin Cook medical mysteries


Jeff Miller said...

Bless you.
Savor the books.
My list is necessarily much shorter. I'll try to post one on my blog later.
By the way, glad you're not abandoning the blog. It is very beneficial and inspirational to Dana and me.

sparrow said...

You must post what you think about the Red Tent. I don't know too many people that have read it. I won't tell you what I thought so I don't sway you.

Great list - I love the reading for certain times of day.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Thanks Jeff, and all others who have encouraged me! "Moderation in all things" is something I need to learn obedience to.

Sparrow, I already have thoughts! But I'll save it until I finish the book. I will say that it's not what I was expecting!

Patty in WA said...

What a good list. Between you and Sparrow and my own over-achieving intentions, I've already failed in my NY Resolutions...broke all of them yesterday, including the reading, which is too much.

But I'm glad to see you back. Let me know if you want a sample of the devotional we talked about.

Carol in Oregon said...

Hugs and smiles from me. I'm a few days late, but I've been checking regularly to see if you came back.

I love, double-love, triple-love book lists. It's so fun to compare! I read the Red Tent and have strong feelings about it; I'll wait before I share them.

The Brothers K was wonderful on many levels. It felt like such a feat to complete it! I read How The Irish last year and relished it. There are more overlaps.

Welcome back!

Jeff Miller said...

One thing from this list:
You may have already bought Brothers Karamazov or this may be a re-read. One of the best things I ever found relating to Russian authors was that the translations by Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhonsky were much easier for me to negotiate than the Constance Garnett translations of earlier days.
They have done 6 Dostoevsky titles, some Chekov, Gogol & Tolstoy works.

Check it out & see what you think.


Seasonal Soundings said...

Arrggh! I've got The Brothers Karamazov trans. by Constance Garnett only because it was the only one I could find that had audio tapes at the time. (I'm going to have to do audio while holding the book because of all those names I could never pronounce.) I'll have to re-look before I begin BK. Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep that in mind.

Jeff Miller said...

I understand about the name issue- when the time comes, I'll be glad to offer any pointers I can, just let me know. Part of the problem is that the same characters are called by formal & familial names, so you have not only pronunciation issues, but identification issues as well.

That's probably the thing that puts most people off of the Russians.

I know that the Pevear translation is available on audio somewhere because it is on Audible.

Just FYI.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Hey, Jeff,
Seems that I remember that formal/familial stuff a few years ago when I attempted BK. I had sparknotes beside me holding my hand!

Seriously, if you know of an unabridged audio using the Pevear translation, let me know! I searched last night when I read your other comment to no avail. I'm all excited to read BK now but hadn't "scheduled" him quite yet. That's the trouble with having a schedule compulsion!

Thanks, and let me know!

Jeff Miller said...

Same results on the BK audio. I only found the abridgement as well. I'll keep an eye out.