Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The mind

Prepare your minds for action
Set your mind on things above
Turning the Mind toward God
Habits of the Mind
Discipleship of the Mind
The Well-Trained Mind
The Well-Educated Mind
The mind is a terrible thing to waste

All these are either book titles or quotes. All reference the mind.

Often there is a subtle disdain from some for intellectual thinking, particularly within the local church. Isn't the term "intellectual thinking" rather a misnomer? "Intellect," the ability to learn and reason, can only be done with the mind. By thinking.

The scriptures tell us that our minds are important, that we are to do things with our minds. Yet, often when we do, when we think, ponder, ask questions, wonder, ask more questions, many in a church Sunday school class or discussion group appear irritated. Many do not see the need to ponder, ask questions. To think. Nor do they seem to want others to have an inquiring mind. Have you ever observed this within the church?

from The Divine Conspiracy
Of all the things we do, we have more freedom with respect to what we will think of, where we will place our mind, than anything else. And the freedom of thinking is a direct freedom wherever it is present. We need not do something else in order to exercise it. We simply turn our mind to whatever it is we choose to think of. The deepest revelation of our character is what we choose to dwell on in thought, what constantly occupies our mind---as well as what we can or cannot even think of.


Jeff Miller said...

I was talking with a friend today about how the pervasive the "task for rewards" syndrome is in our cultural sprituality. Many of us want to be told the 3 tasks to complete for a promotion, hours required for graduation or the 7 steps to inner peace, etc. When people start thinking and asking questions, it blows holes in the formulae.

Camy said...

Janie, I have the hardest time discussing views on religion and spirituality. My argumentative side served me well debating in college. However, the temptation to argue a point has not, especially in the area of faith in Jesus Christ. Rather than appear as a follower of a holy, peaceful, and loving God I look like an out-of-control zealot! It is such a matter of prayer for me. This is when I'm reminded of my fallen nature. The Bible speaks so ill and so often regarding the sin of pride. Yet I will press on and beg the Lord for His character.