Saturday, January 21, 2006

Personalized bookplates

This stack of books is part of my hopeful 2006 reading list. I own these, but the many of the others on my list are either not handy or in the library.

I indulged myself in a really vain idea yesterday. I ordered bookplates displaying this photo. Usually I use address label type bookplates from Colorful Images. However, I have been out of those for several months. Recently, Colorful Images began offering personalized address labels for which you can use your own photo. So, I decided to snap a photo of my proposed books of '06, and instead of all the address stuff, I typed in "From the Library of" and my personal info. The sample looked great. When the real thing arrives, I'll see how impressed I am.

And since there are 144 labels in the package to use with all new personal library acquistions, I wonder if I'll run out of these labels before the end of 2006? I've never thought about the actual number of books I buy in one year. Maybe this will help me keep track.

How many books do you buy in a year?


Needleroozer said...

How many books do you buy in a year? Lots and lots and lots! We spent four hours in bookstores today, B & N, and Half-Price Books. It's not like we just spent over $250. on books just a month ago or anything!!! We haven't read all those yet, and here we are buying more, lol.

So let's see.... It's almost the end of January, and we have bought 25 books or so. Multiply that loosely by 12..... whew!

I saw the Christopher Morley books on your stack- those are two of my all time faves. I know you will enjoy them. When I read them 15 yrs ago, not one seemed too familiar with them, but they seem popular now.

sparrow said...

Oh, no, I never count. Then my husband might say I've bought too many! Must keep everything nice and quiet.

Carrie said...

I agree with Sparrow. I don't keep track, that way I can plead ignorance if my husband ever asks!

Seasonal Soundings said...

Needleroozer, I got both Parnassas on Wheels and Haunted Bookshop after I read what you and others said about it. Sounds fun!

Sparrow and Carrie, Yes...hush, hush is the mode here too. Sparrow, I laughed at "Must keep everything nice and quiet." Giggle Giggle! But you do you girls explain how the bookshelves fill up?

Carol in Oregon said...

I'm right there with Sarah. It would be too startling to add them up. I've been selling books on Amazon the last few months and that gives me some shelf space relief. My husband is really wonderful about the book buying urges. It could be shoes, clothes, wigs, or other things...

That said, I truly admire the folks I know who love and value books and yet can give them away so effortlessly. My grip is too tight.

Needleroozer said...

I don't have to worry about my dh giving me any trouble about having too many books- he collects hardcovers and first editions, so never ever gives me any trouble. Besides, if he ever did, all I would have to do is to point out the boxes under the basement stairs filled with over 400 record albums, and over 300 Beta video tapes that he refuses to throw away!!

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"How many books do you buy in a year?"

More than it would be seemly name.