Thursday, February 02, 2006

Good morning, birdies

Another beautiful spring-like day here.

Mr. Cardinal visits every morning, to the same feeder. He has a choice of six different feeders at the same location, but he always chooses this one.

The doves piled into the long feeder. Another dove was perched on the side of the roof prior to snapping the shot. They are kind and gentle birds.

A multitude of goldfinches swarm the feeders like honeybees on spring flowers. It's not long before the colors of their feathers will change to a brilliant lemon yellow, and they will look like lemons hanging in my peach trees.

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Kim said...

I just love cardinals. We have some who come and perch within the branches of our evergreens when it is cold. I have a bird feeder, but it's not popular. The next door neighbour has what we call a "hotel" bird feeder, and mine is a "drive-through" so perhaps I need renovations