Thursday, February 09, 2006

A "heads-up"

At some point after posting something yesterday, Seasonal Sounding became unavailable to me. If you visited, you saw what I saw.

A disheartened disposition is a brighter description than what I really felt. After several months of hours of work from scratch at this blogging world, I was satisfied with the way the blog looked, and it was very accessible to me, technology-wise. If I had had to do it over, I'm not sure I would have had the motivation to begin again. Learning enough HTML to use was rewarding, but to have done it all again, I'm not sure it was in me.

Thankfully, I've retrieved the bulk of the blog.

I have no earthly idea what happened. I did not even pull up the template and mess with it before the blog went down. Is there a blog-gremlim ransacking blogs?

But, let me tell you what I did. And what you need to do to avoid this headache. Of course, those of you wiser in the techno-world than I am probably already know, and do, this.

Since I could still access my dashboard and see my individual posts, I knew they were there somewhere. So, I looked at the template. It looked surprisingly empty.

So, I cut and pasted the empty-looking SS template into a document, created enough of another blog to access my original template design, and copied it into a document. Then I compared line by line. All was well until I got 2/3 of the way through the template and found that a line was not finished. Lots of empty space where HTML codes should be. The HTML codes (if that's what they're called) were not complete.

I copied the rest of a new template to complete my old one, and voila!, Seasonal Soundings is back! Yippie!

I did lose many of my sidebar links (most importantly, links to many of you, and my reading list), but in time, those will be restored.

Here's the heads-up:
Go right now, and cut and paste your entire template into a document and save it just in case this happens to you! Right now! Go!

I'm glad to be back. As much as I had trouble learning to set Seasonal Soundings up, and as much as I've had to learn moderation, I would have missed not being able to blog without a load of time and aggravation necessary to start over.

Now, get thee to your blog template and cut and paste!

I'm glad to be back and not confined to blog-netherworld.


Sherry said...

Welcome back. I did wonder what happened. Computer Guru Son takes of all my tech stuff, so I'll pass your suggestion on to him.

sparrow said...

I'm so glad you are back! I was worried yesterday! And I'm off to copy and paste.

Carol in Oregon said...

I give you so many kudos for figuring it out in the first place. I tried to do some stuff on Blogger and gave up because of my ignorance and not making it a priority for my time. My future DIL helped me set up a Xanga blog, but I really don't like it.

Oh, Janie, how I would enjoy an afternoon at your house, discussing a whole array of topics! Please keep posting!

Camy said...

Glad to see you're back, Janie! Diane mentioned your predicament on her blog, and I was hoping to see you today. I don't know about you, but there are many moments when I find technology to be a big inconvenience! Take care.


Kathryn Judson said...

An easy (albeit partial) backup is to start a second -- but nonpublic -- blog, at Blogger, to store your template with all its modifications and links. (I know some folks also copy their posts over, and have what amounts to a replica blog.)

As for lost posts, if you google with your blog name (sometimes you have to key in with specific dates or other search hints), sometimes you can just copy from the caches. I know it's worked for a friend of mine for text. I suspect photos might be another matter.

Since I've found that sometimes one template seems to be glitching more than another, I keep my two public blogs on different templates, made by different designers. I don't know if that really helps or if I'm being superstitious and only think it helps...

KenM said...

I write my posts or lengthy comments first with Word (for the spelling and grammar tools and links) and save them on my pc. Then I copy and paste into the blog editor. In addition, I use a piece of software called Action Outline to save info, notes, html snippets, my templates, links etc. so I can easily re-do them or check the code, if I mess up. As an outliner, you can expand or collapse the various categories of info (a la Windows Explorer), so it keeps everything neat and tidy and organized.