Monday, February 06, 2006

A picture is worth...

"A picture is worth a thousand words." This picture is of ten thousands of words.

After I took a picture of some of my intended reading for 2006 for a bookplate, my son told me it would be really neat to take pictures throughout the year of the books on my 2006 list as they are read. Easy enough.

This picture is of most of the intended reading for the year. The list, or rather the stack, will undoubtedly be amended as the months go by for different reasons. But this is the beginning picture. Some books have already been finished. Maybe I'll post a picture once a quarter.

The rhyme and reason of the arrangement of the books is simple. From the left, the standing books are the ones I read everyday throughout the year. Next to those and stacked vertically are books I read in the morning (in order from the bottom up). Those standing next are self-education books (which I'm having the hardest time fitting into my day). The next vertical and standing stacks are evening reading, followed by the beach reading stack at the end.

I will be very pleased if I can finish 80% of the list. A plan is a must with me. And a picture, well, it gives me the map--a look at where I've been and places I'll go.

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