Monday, February 27, 2006

Tempering our thoughts

"We need not condemn modern schools with vociferous, smug self-righteousness which is neither fair, nor decent, and may portray something dark in us, not in them. It is enough for us to wish them well and hope that their students may get the best that those schools can offer. Then we should turn around and walk our own way. We need not be proud or haughty. We need only to see clearly and to act." [emphasis mine]
~Tracy Lee Simmons, excerpted from his acceptance speech of the 2005 Paideia Prize awarded by CiRCE

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sparrow said...

Boy, you don't hear that kind of thing very often, but it is true. I think we rejoice too much in others' failures.

That is a truly profound quote. I need to copy it down. Thanks for sharing it.