Sunday, February 26, 2006

Writing away the sorrows

In A Parcel of Patterns by Jill Walch Patton, Narrator Mall’s description of ridding one’s heart’s of sorrow:

“You must name the source of trouble, carefully writing down the cause of grief upon a paper. And when it is written down, you put it from you...and it carries away with it whatever is written thereupon.”

Mall, who suffered heavy-hearted melancholy from the turmoil of the Plague years in England (1665–66), took her own advice, or charm as she calls it.
“This charm hath taken me full nine weeks to contrive. With tears and with difficultly have I written it all, set down as best I might, and as it came to mind, all that I know, or that anyone told me....And now, at last, it is brought to a conclusion. I shall lay it in my mother’s line chest, where let who may find it. It will lie heavy enough on the heart of who may read it, but writing of it has lightened mine!”

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