Saturday, March 25, 2006


My interest in the Civil War has been rekindled recently while reading The Last Full Measure, the last of Shaara's trilogy on the Civil War, parleyed here and here.

Last night we watched Glory!, the film portrayal of the storming of confederate Fort Wagner (Charleston, SC) by the Union 54th Massachusetts Infantry. What makes this different from other Civil War movies is that the 54th MA Infantry was composed of all Afro-Americans.

These men, many who were escaped slaves living in the north, gave all they had in bravery, dedication and determination to serve their country in a conflict now centered around them.

Some scenes in the film seemed to depict battle confusion, despair, and danger better than other movies have. The movie is rated R for war violence and language.

The out-of-print book Undying Glory: The Story of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment by Clinton Cox is a juvenile nonfiction worth reading.

Rather than spoil the outcome of the movie, more information about this battle can be found here and here.

A striking painting of this nighttime attack ---


Camy said...

"Glory" is one of our boys' favorite movies. They are big fans of war movies, in general. BTW, thanks for your recommendation for the "Whole Story" books on TWTM General Board. Those look great for my boys.

I saw a book at Sam's Club yesterday titled something-like "Our War." It's an oversize, pictorial account of the Iraq War. On the cover was a collage of different photos. One of those cover photos caught my attention because a soldier in the picture looked similar to your daughter! I thought of you.

Take care, Janie.

Anonymous said...

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