Friday, March 31, 2006


Fridays are often catch-up days of the week, and this last day of March is no different.

Drive with me "up the mountain" from the foothills of the Blue Ridge where we live up to the geographic crest of the Blue Ridge Mountian range above us. Still robed in its wintergarb, the woods do have bits of green poking out from the dead leaves.

I picked up a couple of photo albums from my mother's.
Memories are stirred.

Speaking of memories, my soundtrack for today is a rather unusual find and one that stirs memories of another sort. I came upon it while searching for the song "I Will Arise and Go to Jesus," a song that is on an almost-20 year old tape someone compiled for me. I've always loved that particular song and wanted to find it on an CD. So, in my search I found it on A Musical Tribute to C. S. Lewis.

As much as I admire C. S. Lewis, I was intrigued with such a compilation. The CD blurb says

"This collection of insturmental music and song is designed to help the listener enter a sonic world chronicling the life, imagination and passions of Mr. Lewis.

"Whether as a stand-alond listening piece, or as an accompaniment to enjoyable reading times of Mr. Lewis' works, this collection is a humble attempt honoring one incredible life."
The music is beautiful, tender, and delicate. Beginning with "Lullaby," the music order follows Jack's coming to faith with such selections as "O Lord of Host, How Lovely," "I Will Arise and Go to Jesus," "Be Thou my Vision," "Jesus, Draw Me Close," "When It's All Said and Done," and finally, "I See the Lord."

Any C. S. Lewis reader and admirer will enjoy this. And, no doubt, if you are a disciple of the Son of the Creator and the God of Scriptures, you will have deep memories stirred within you of your own coming to faith.

"As his friend Tolkien said, ' ...a man at once honest, brave, intellect, scholar, poet, philosopher -- a lover, at least after a long pilgramage, of the Lord.'

"It was a long journey through the wardrobe, to the fulfillment of that longing he always knew ~ 'a desire for a far-ff country ... to be on the inside of some door which we have always seen from the outside.'"


Donna Boucher said...

What a darling couple! So young and happy! (Although your dear hubby looks a bit like a lounge singer in that tux :o) he he)

You are your sister are gorgeous babies! I think Emily resembles you!
Such beautiful cheeks!

Anonymous said...

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