Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today's soundtrack

Recently I have enjoyed watching the DVD documentary Liberty! The American Revolution . Six hours long and in three scenes, Liberty! captures your interest immediately. Reminiscent of Ken Burns' The Civil War, the film fairly portrays the struggle of ideas between people on both sides of Atlantic.

The characterizations are thoughtful, quiet, and touching. The music is subtle and melancholic. I was touched by strains of a song scattered throughout and then recaptured in full as it was played and sung through the credits. The voice was familiar. Nostalgic. I raise my eyes from lapwork to see familiar musician names: James Taylor, Yo Yo Ma, and Wynton Marsalis. Yes, now I know why the music calls me.

My two favorites are "Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier" sung by James Taylor whose voice is perfect for the song and "Song of the Liberty Bell" for violin and strings with Yo Yo Ma. To hear samples of the five tracts, click here.

Today, as yesterday, the soundtrack is Liberty!


Carol in Oregon said...

James Taylor, YoYo Ma and Wynton Marsalis? Janie, you're KILLING me (again)!! Thank you for another soundtrack to add to my wish list. When I get it, I'm sure that I will love it.

My brother the tenor is here for the week. He sang two songs for my community chorus last night. Words by Robert Louis Stevenson and music by Vaughn Williams. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Oh, Carol, what is title of the song your brother sang? RLS and VW....very nice blend.

Carol in Oregon said...

Janie, he sang Vagabond and maybe Romance. I was turning pages for the pianist and wasn't able to just sit and absorb the music. It was very special, though.

Did you see Celtic Woman on PBS? Those voices were angelic. I was reading a book, but had to put it down and just listen. Beautiful.