Thursday, April 20, 2006

A blog rebus

This morning, I went here
and then joined husband and oldest daughter for this,which was delicious.

After getting home and putting up all the groceries,
I washed this effortlessly.
Effortlessly, because less than a year ago
I would not have had the energy to even think about such activity.
But since my surgery, I have energy I've not known in years.

Since this is a FIY supper night (Fix It Yourself),
I plan on having a bite of leftovers
while reading this
and waiting for this to come on.
(Yes, I am a junkie. It's a family thing. We all enjoy this show.)
I'm taking a one day break from my current obsession of this
but will resume Disc 3 tomorrow night.

Did I mention that this was a pointless post?


Carol in Oregon said...

It was very informative, Janie. Any news on the position?

Carol in Oregon said...

I meant to add that I'm happy for your increased energy. I can say the same thing for me (although not due to surgery). It's so great to face the day with the strength and endurance needed.

Donna Boucher said...

Fun post Janie :o)

Anonymous said...

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.