Friday, April 28, 2006

Finally...a birthday at home

It has been three years since Soldier Girl was home for her birthday. She turned 19 as she left the country to serve a year in Djibouti, Africa. She turned 20 at Fort Dix upon returning from Djibouti. And she turned 21 on a deployment in Iraq.

Today, Soldier Girl celebrates 22 years of life on this earth. We plan a big birthday bash on Sunday, combining dh's (who shared his birthday with Shakespeare this past Sunday) and Luke who turned 20 in January (he went skiing and never got his birthday supper).

Soldier Girl has been in school since January and has more-or-less enjoyed her classes and has translated back into civilian life with only a few ups and downs. She leaves in mid-May for about eight weeks for PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course) and Drill Sergeant school. Since BT/AIT, she has wanted to become a drill sergeant. She was able to change reserve units and get in a DS unit close to home. They have been gracious to arrange the school for her so as not to interfere with her college studies this fall.

Happy Birthday, my little soldiergirl!


Sarah said...

Oh, what beautiful smiles!!

Camy said...

Janie, you both are so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Emily. If you wouldn't mind, I'd sure love some wisdom about drill instructor training. I think it's great protocol for a homeschooling mom of many boys! (laugh!). Seriously, someone from the military should write a book that features military management styles for homeschoolers. Blessings to you both! (Janie, I owe you an email!)
Blessings, Camy

Carol in Oregon said...

What a delightful, lovely picture! Happy birthday, everyone!! I love family celebrations. My youngest turns 15 tomorrow (and gets his driving permit Monday). The Lord is good and steadfast in lovingkindness.

Donna Boucher said...

Happy Birthday beautiful, tough Emily!!!

Do the other Drill Sarges have French tipped nails?

he he

Janie you look very pretty too :o)

Seasonal Soundings said...

LOL, Donna! I said the same thing about the nails! She said lots of female NCOs wear shorter acrylic nails and that it's okay. But she's going to have them removed before she leaves.

This week, she has weapons qualifying at Ft. Pickett and won't have time to have them removed before she leaves. She said she'll have gloves, on and they won't get in the way. Can you imagine firing an M16 with those French-tipped nails? :)

Circle of Quiet said...

I was thinking the same thing about the nails -- what a beautiful combination of skills, talents and style this young woman is.

Happy Belated Birthday, EMILY! Why does every picture of y'all with your arms around each other make me CRY?


Anonymous said...

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