Friday, April 14, 2006

On top of the porcelain

Someone on TWTM board asked what reading material is in your "reading" room, aka, the bathroom. I've often thought about snapping a shot of the stack that is on one of our porcelain tops.

So I did. Certain people under the age of 23 regularly read. Our collection of Bathroom Readers continues to grow with each Christmas. I wonder just how accurate all the trivia is in the books. Nonetheless, those certain people mentioned above love to read these books. And usually only in this designated "reading room."

Part of Uncle John's collection:
All-Purpose Extra-Strength
Plunges into the Presidency
Supremely Satisfying
Legendary Lost
Plunges into the Presidency

Lilac bushes are in bloom around here right now. I love the smell.

I always think of these bushes as old-fashioned because they are rarely seen now except growing rather untended on older homesteads.

My grandmother had huge bushes. To a youngster, they looked like they were ten feet tall. Maybe they were.

Lovely fragrence.


Carol in Oregon said...

I adore lilacs. I grew up in "the lilac capital of the world" with Lilacia Park, lavender police cars and water tower and lilacs in everyone's yards. My husband has allergies and cannot abide them in the house, so I have to be content with a silk arrangement. But I think I can smell them looking at your photo!

Anonymous said...

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