Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Dickens film

Because my reading stack is so full and still growing, I will probably never read much Charles Dickens. His works are so thick and wordy that I've decided to resort to watching BBC translations of the books.

Our Mutual Friend is a long movie at almost six hours. Taking a couple of episodes to introduce its many characters, eventually the plot develops and the ending is a surprise. I must say that I enjoyed this film but after it was over! The story is inventive for sure.

But the best part of the whole film was the last thirty minutes of one of be neatest literature lessons I've had in a while. After the movie ends, a group of literature professors discuss the film and English life and culture of Dickens' day and clear up a lot of confusion on my part---things like what dust mountains were and 19th century life on the Thames.

Our Mutual Friend was Dickens' last book and many say his best. You might enjoy this one too.


Carol in Oregon said...

Oh, I really, REALLY like Dickens. We enjoyed Martin Chuzzlewhit years ago and Bleak House most recently. I have never even heard of Our Mutual Friend. Blockbuster has a monopoly in our small town. I'll check but I doubt if they will carry it. Yet another reason to consider Netflix. Thanks, Janie, for the tip!

Seasonal Soundings said...

I've got Martin Chuzzlewhit and Bleak House in our queue; glad to hear you liked them. We missed BH on PBS recently, so Netflix will have to do! Dickens was a master of description, wasn't he?

Circle of Quiet said...

We just finished watching this tonight. I LOVE IT. I had no idea how long it was when we started, but we were gripped.

I will have to add MC to the queue for this summer's viewing.

Anonymous said...

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