Monday, May 29, 2006

Home again

How wonderfully relaxing the beach days were. The weather was perfect; it couldn't have been better. Temps hovered around eighty with moderate humidity and the skies were clear most of the time.

I love to put my chair close enough to the water to catch the last lap of low tide waves. As the tide moves out, so do I. When the sun got too direct at 1 and 2 pm, I found shade under the umbrella for a few hours.

Most days we were out on the beach for about 10 hours reading and napping.
I wasn't ready for this restful time to be over, but it is.
Until next time.
Now it's time to get back to real life.

I've noticed from several blogs the Summer Reading Challenge. Again, I'm tempted away from my original 2006 reading list and plan to review it this week with specific plans for the June-July-August months. So often my plans go awry or down some unplanned rabbit trail. Not that that is bad, but I do like to stick to my original plans with the goal of actually completeing them.

More later when the other dailys are done.


Jenny in MO said...

Glad you enjoyed your time at the beach. My youngest dd is counting the days before we leave for that most perfect part of the world!!!

Jenny in MO

Carrie K. said...

Welcome home! And what beautiful pics.

Jenny in MO said...

Janie, Is the picture at the bottom taken near Springmaid?

Seasonal Soundings said...

Jenny, all the pictures are from the north Myrtle Beach area. We've checked out the Springmaid area but always come back to north MB. We even have the webcam Springmaid pier bookmarked!

Jenny in MO said...

Hehehehe, the piercam is my default screen!!!! Beautiful pictures and thanks for blogging. I do so enjoy your site.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Jenny, here's another cam we check all the time (whether we are planning a trip or not!)--Beach Cove. Between May and October, I'm just one plain beach-obsessed person!

Anonymous said...

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