Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Recovering Fat Flush

I feel like my old self now in a very good way. I really believe that Fat Flushing was too severe for me—I think I was really, really hungry too. I’ve not totally abdicated the FF plan; I’ve just augmented it so I can partially do it.

Last night, after that glorious hamburger and fries (!) and a welcome, cooling shower, I made out my to-do list for today with firm resolution to stick by it. For me, the to-do list is a must, both practically (I actually get things done) and mentally (I have great satisfaction and accomplishment when I can cross things off my list). One resolve that I made was that I was going to have one cup of coffee this morning. There is absolutely no sense in feeling so awful all day. I never, ever was going to give up caffeine via coffee in the first place. The coffee was just like I like it and one cup was sufficient.

I’ve been drinking the cranwater also, but now I add a bit of Splenda to it until my Stevia order arrives. It is very palatable to me with a bit of sweetness. Rather than drink the FF advised water with ground flaxseed, I’ve opted to eat a bowl of Uncle Sam cereal (which is full of flax seed), a cup of strawberries in it and enough milk to make it like cereal should be even though FF steers clear of milk.

I finished my morning reading with the coffee, went on my morning walk with more energy and stamina than the last two days, and have tackled my list since then. I’ve already washed and cut up 2 pounds each of carrots and celery for snacking, got dinner on the stove ready to turn on, cleaned 3 bathrooms, vacuumed downstairs, and mopped the steps and the bathrooms. This afternoon, I plan to wash the car and do some reading before supper. I asked my darling to walk with me after supper and told him that his commitment to walk with me would help hold me to it–I probably wouldn’t do it if he doesn’t. That will make an additional almost-3 miles today.

I would like to have a negative weigh-in tomorrow morning at Weight Watchers. Maybe this augmentation will help jumpstart some loss. I hope!

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© 2003-2007 M-mv said...

Did I write this post? (*grin*)

Gittelmen (author of The Fat Flush) wrote a book about menopause that proved so helpful to me (e.g., information about supplements, helpful foods, etc.) that I couldn't help but be intrigued when I read about Donna's "flush."

I read the book through in one sitting (at the park in the late afternoon while the girls played and played), and thought, "I could never give up the coffee."

I am not as interested in weight loss as in ensuring that as I age I am getting the "right" supplements and nutrients to sustain good health. That I might lose some weight in the bargain? Nice but not my focus.

Anyway... I embraced the supplements and seasonings Gittelman recommends; eggs and protein are my friends; I agree that refined flour and sugar are, in a word, unhealthful; and diluted cranberry juice isn't so bad.

But I only made it to the first head-splitting headache when I decided that for every study that said ditch the coffee, another said drink it in moderation for mental stimulation and (*YES*) health benefits.

Let there be coffee! I bellowed.

Only to discover we were out.

It's on the list with AAA batteries. My television remote isn't working. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? (*grin*)

Hey, and let there be yogurt, too. And skim milk. And oatmeal.

I'm not sure I'm flushing so much as adding some neat supplements and reinforcing good habits, you know?

Neat to read that someone else is modifying it to make it work.

Best regards.