Monday, May 01, 2006

Soundtrack for the week

If you like piano,
George Winston,
and Jim Brickman,
you will love our newly-found pianist,
Jon Schmidt.

My chemist-son discovered him on one of those Internet rabbit trails. When he heard some online samples, he said, "You know, when I listen to his music, it does something to me inside."

I agree. Wonderful stuff. Listen to the snatch of "Waterfall" at Amazon here.

Chemist-son only knew about Schmidt through Amazon which does not carry but one in-print CD. A little sleuthing, and I found his website.
And all his CDs.
And piano sheet music.

So yesterday at our birthday trio celebration, I surprised Chemist-son with all of Jon Schmidt's CDs. And a book of sheet music.

He smiled widely. And appreciatively.

This music will help smooth out the rough spots of his upcoming finals in Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry, plus the 10 page philosophy paper and the 20 page biochemistry paper.

If George Winston and Jim Brickman find their way into your CD player, Jon Schmidt will probably not be far behind.

Thanks to Camy's wonderful pizza sauce and pizza dough recipes, we feasted on these...

...and topped them off with a three layer Chocolate Syrup cake with cream cheese frosting.



Camy said...

What a feast, Janie! I cook up a storm for my kids' birthdays, too. I bet Emily really appreciated it. I'm so glad you liked both the sauce and the dough recipes. Blessings.

Carol in Oregon said...

Oh Janie, you enrich my life. I listened to the samples...beautiful! I love the Hymn of Spring. Now: how to subtly hint about upcoming Mother's Day? Hmmmm.

The pizzas look heavenly. Have you ever cooked them on a stone? My brother taught me that one and the crusts are superb.

Anonymous said...

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