Friday, May 12, 2006

Too many books?

Somewhat out of frustration...

While straightening my desk where a dozen or more books had accumulated, I tried to put them up.

But where?

Rearrange this book. And that one. Make them fit.

Finally, they are all on the shelves in the schoolroom that no longer hosts a school.

But there is no more shelf space.

There are 13 huge bookshelves in our house, not including the bookshelves in the kids' rooms.

Either I do not need anymore books...or I need more bookshelves.

More bookshelves would necessitate more wallspace.

Maybe I just need a bigger house.

But I really do not need another book.

At least not until I finish reading all the books I have.

And that will take the rest of my life.



Kim said...

I do sympathize with your frustration, but it is a rather beautiful sight!

Carol in Oregon said...

I'm always curious what other people do about all the books. I've started to sell selected books on Amazon. Truly, one of my favorite ways to fritter the day away is to rearrange books and bookshelves. Just touching them and moving them to dust is a satisfying occupation. I smile as I enjoy the memories of certain books, and I am reminded of the good books still waiting to be read. Finally I agree with Kim: it is a rather beautiful sight!

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!