Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer Reading, again

Many of us are turning pages for the Summer Reading Challenge. Thanks to Circle of Quiet for the simple words "three days into a summer reading challenge." Those simple words helped me pick up my speed and get on the stick. As a result and to help my focus, I typed my summer list in the intended order. Lists of anything to-do keep me going and are the necessary tools toward accomplishment for me.

I was resolved to try my best to stick to this list and not to add more books (I doubt I'll be able to even finish the selected treats on my plate). My resolve disappeared when Circle of Quiet posted some comments about one of her selections she is reading, Letters to a Diminished Church by Dorothy Sayers.

Read what Circle of Quiet has to say

I cannot pass up this one. It is too relevant, especially considering our personal church and denominational situation.

And too, dh and I just watched our first Dorothy Sayers mystery, at which dh commented "Now that's what I call a mystery!" He liked how well-developed the plot was and how the who-dun-it-? kept you guessing right up until the end. The bits of logic, "It's
quid pro quo," tossed in the dialogue made it obvious that even Sayers' myteries are a cut above others. Though dh is well-read, he had not heard of Dorothy Sayers before, which really surprised me. (I guess I don't know him as well as I thought I did!) So the book Letters to a Diminished Church might be of interest to him, too.


Hop over to the "Home Again, Home Again" entry at Grantian Florilegium for some interesting commentary on old English nursery rhymes.


Another blogger that I've found so inspiring and interesting is Magistramater. I believe she and I are twins separated at birth--kindred spirits definitely. Everything this lady writes is well-done.

Recently, she wrote a nice entry about "Things My Father Taught Me." When I read this after returning from the beach, something she said humored me with coincidence. She personalized her father's "Always be prepared" mantra as "To me it means never, NEVER, go anywhere without a book to read. One never knows what delays may come up and one must be prepared!"

One of my last days at the beach, we were startled senseless at 7 a.m. as the in-room fire alarm blared it's warning to leave the building. This was the only day we didn't already have on our suits and hadn't headed for the beach that early. Quickly throwing on shorts and shirts over jammies, putting on eyeglasses, making sure we had the room key, grabbing our purses, and heading for the stairwell to trek down ten floors, we laughed at the distinguishing characteristic of what we each grabbed last.

My sister opened the safe and grabbed her jewels, while I grabbed our books. (Maybe that's because I don't have any jewels to grab!) I knew that these fire alarms are usually over nothing but are necessary precautions with a hotel full of guests, but you never know how long you will be stuck outside with nothing to do nothing but stand and wait for the re-entrance. We had a good laugh at my last minute I-can't-leave-this grab! As
Magistramater says, "NEVER, go anywhere without a book to read."


Look what my dh did for me!

I have two clematis plants on each side of the old front porch. Both are blooming like crazy and have outgrown the trellis I had in place. I decided I needed something much taller and I wanted a natural and rustic look. So dh found a couple of tall locust trees in the woods, cut them, stripped off the bark, and planted them for the clematis to take over. One clematis is growing quicker than the other, but they are gorgeous. At least to me they are! I think this will look stunning when the plants completely cover the wood and are in full bloom.


Much is awaiting my attention today. Lots to do and lots to think about.

On my mind of late is a renewed determination to pursue starting up a classical school in our nearby town. Last week, an article in the large newspaper said that our nearby town is the 6th fastest growing one in the state.

I think it is time to jump on the wagon and start this school.

Good thoughts to you as we begin the first full week of June!


Carol in Oregon said...

Oh, Janie, the clematis are captivating! My plant hasn't flowered yet, so it's a joy to see yours. Can you tell us the Sayers mystery you watched? [We recently enjoyed an old Father Brown called "The Detective" with Alec Guiness.] I find myself enticed to pick up almost all of Circle of Quiet's books for her summer reading challenge.

Thank you so much for your kind words about magistramater. (blushing) I would love to meet you face to face someday.

If you start a classical school, can I come be a student? (grin)

Seasonal Soundings said...

Hi Carol,
The Sayers mystery was Carcase.

If I start a classical school, will you come a be the literature and writing teacher? I need to be your student! :)

Dana Miller said...

Hi Janie,
Wishing you a happy summer of reading!! If you have a moment, please hop over to and share your favorite children's book titles--would love to know some of your favorites!
Dana Miller