Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Treasures along a rabbit trail

This beautiful and perfectly temperatured almost-summer day is just right for listening to George Winston's Summer piano compositions.


Have you seen Amazon's new "Look inside" a book format? It now loads quicker (for me) and is easy on the eyes, plus a very attractive format.


As a result of rabbit trailing something (I have no idea what right now) this morning, I found a wonderful resource for learning all 107 questions and answers of the The Westminster Catechism Songs. This musician, Holly Dutton, has taken the words of the Shorter Catechism, verbatim, and set them to simple and pleasing guitar music. She sings the question and answer twice. The pace is slow enough to understand and savor the words and meaning. This resource is for both children and adults and comes in four CDs for $8 each. I envision concentrated listening to groups of several questions during walks to learn the catechism better.


During my morning walk, I was re-listening to a Circe conference CD by Ken Myers called "Ordering the Soul to God." I highly recommend you find this CD and listen to it. I think I could listen to this countless times and still not grasp but a little of what he says. It's not that what he says is hard to understand--anything but; it is that his message is bursting with meaning. I came across two interesting books Myers recommended that I've added to my will-read-one-day list:

The Hungry Soul:
Eating and the Perfecting of Our Nature (Kass)

The Reenchantment of Nature:
The Denial of Religion and the Ecological Crisis (Mcgrath)


Carol in Oregon said...


Thanks (again and again and again) for the treasures you share with us. I don't have Winston's Summer CD, but I'm thinking about it.

Have you seen
All CDs are $5.99 with free shipping. It seems kind of like Netflix. You have a queue and agree to purchase CD a month for the $5.99 price. I'm sorely tempted!

You're right: the Search Inside feature does seem to be quicker.

Lastly,just the title "The Hungry Soul" grabs me. I'm adding it to my list. It seems as soon as I commit to reading certain books, all sorts of wonderful distractions appear!!

Seasonal Soundings said...

Carol, so it happens to you too?! Once I make my book list, half that number of more books pop onto my path. I've recently added Richard Gordon's doctor books to my someday list. His books helped steer Alf Wight (James Herriot) to write his vet books.

I'll take a look at the CD link. Thanks!