Sunday, August 13, 2006

Books that put my feet in motion

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying reading these two books---

A Walk Across America

Walking the Appalachian Trail

My hiking boots and my mind are ready to go, but my body isn't. After reading how Peter Jenkins "trained," I realized I could too. Plans are made to begin September 4, Labor Day.

Who knows?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Carol in Oregon said...

So what will your training regimen consist of, Janie? Sounds great!

Susan said...

Hi, Just had to say that I read "Walk Across America" years ago and just LOVED it. I then read most of the rest of Peter Jenkins books (such as The Walk West, and Walk Across China) and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Have you read "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson? It is all about his hike along the Appalachian Trail - also excellent reading... funny and interestind as well!!

Seasonal Soundings said...

Oh yes, Susan! I listened to A Walk in the Woods at Christmas, and as I clean out the kitchen for new cabinets, I'm relistening. It is so funny! Katz is a hoot, isn't he! I want to listen to his Notes on a Small Island next. By reading Jenkins' book at night and Walking the AT in the morning, plus listening to Bryson during the day, I really travel! I've already looked up Jenkins' other books and added them to my 2007 list. Of particular interest to me is his Close Friends book, no longer in print.

I just checked your blog--I read Gladys Tabor years and years ago and loved it. I'm ready to re-read some of her books. Thanks for calling my attention to them!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm an RN too, though long out of practice. Oldest dd is an RN and youngest son is studying for one.