Thursday, October 12, 2006

Life is a messy job

I have been writing a Classroom Management Plan for one of my classes. The professor has broken the plan down into parts with a page suggestion / requirement for part. Wouldn't you know it, I'll write a part and be satisfied with it only to see when I'm finished that he suggested / required 3 pages. I gave him 6. He hasn't told me to cut it. So I'm not. I think what I say is important. Besides, the whole point is to give us the opportunity to think through these things ourselves on paper. It's just that my thinking sometimes is protracted. So be it.

While writing one section this afternoon on Systems of Consequences, I translated to paper many of my accumulated thoughts of parenting and teaching from past years. So of these thoughts I wish had been shared with me early in the journey. Maybe it would not made any difference even if I had known. Some things have to be lived to be understood. Sometimes you have to live through some things for them to become real living life.

(For simplicity, I'll talk parent--children rather than teacher--student.)

One thought I've had today is just how messy life is.

We make messes. All of us. And someone has to clean up the mess.

Our children make messes. And we must be willing to walk in the mess that our children create.

Babies have messy diapers. Young children have messy rooms. Young adults can have messy lives.

But in all this, we are there to walk with them through the mess, whatever the mess might be.

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