Saturday, October 28, 2006

On the screen

is a touching story of a girl who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina knowing only two people and how her life is affected bythe mixing of her self-sufficient mountain ways with modern culture. Truly one of the best movies I've seen in a while.

(Caveat: there are a couple of brief frontal nude scenes [this is allowed by the PG-13 rating?])


Patty in WA said...

And exactly how did the nudity "move the story"?

Sarah said...

Maybe because it was non-sexual?

I enjoyed it too--I watched it a long time ago. It was different.

SeasonalSoundings said...

Well, pooh. I just typed a lengthy explanation and it didn't post.

Like Sarah said, both were non-sexual. The most obvious scene was when Nell was taken to town for the first time, and wandered into a pool hall alone. The boy there thought she was looking for some action, took off his shirt. She responded by pulling up her dress (bra-less) and twirling around. She had no idea this was not appropriate. Scene ends then when her protector/friends enter.

THe movie is quite compassionate and worth watching. You might want to preview it first if you are thinking of letting ds see it too. :)


donnabooshay said...

Haunting and interesting, I think.