Tuesday, October 24, 2006


You know, it is not a good thing when the teacher is not prepared. It is even worse when this unpreparedness is typical. And to top it off, when this teacher comes across as being very much in control of things. The model is not what teachers-in-the-making need to see.

I went to my 8 o'clock class on this uncharacteristically cold and windy morning (thank goodness it is beautifully sunny) only to hear this teacher spend 45 minutes with the syllabus in front of her changing dates of required projects and papers and ad libbing required details of these projects and papers because "I told you I was flexible and would change dates."

This sort of stuff should have been done the first day of class when the syllabus was handed out. And it was like she had never seen her own syllabus.

Then she spent another five minutes bemoaning, yet almost admonishing the students, how the semester is quickly drawing to an end and how we needed to stay on top of things and make our plan of how we are going to get everything completed and turned in on time.


Oh, and she dismissed the ninety minute class twenty-five minutes early.

Did I mention that last week was fall break in which she declared "No class!!" last Tuesday so we would have no class all week?

This is the only class this teacher teaches. She has two small children at home. Seems to me that her mind and heart are elsewhere and not in this class.

I am glad I'm not depending on this class to tell me all I need to know about "developing, planning, and implementing instruction" as the syllabus says.

Sometimes it's all I can do to keep myself strapped in the chair and not get up and teach the class for her.

End of vent.


Sarah said...

Uh . . . *wow*. That must be infuriating. She should be more aware than most of the need for people with families to have some stability in their schedule, if she has a family herself.


I once calculated exactly how much I was paying per class hour (during my masters program). It made me completely intolerant of the one professor I ran across that was NOT a good teacher. I would leave her class fuming, "I just paid $75 for THAT?!?!"

Carol in Oregon said...

Frustrating indeed. As my dear SIL says, "Organization is the key to life." Thankfully, you have the skills to do a better job.

donnabooshay said...

I'm sorry. Are you starring in a satire about education?

Ugh! I don't know if I could stand it. I don't know if I could keep my mouth shut.

It's a crying shame!

Dana said...

I'm guessing you *need* this class for certification or somesuch? Why else would we put up with such mediocrity?