Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ancient Words, the CD

Earlier this week, I wrote here about the song "Ancient Words" that did something to me inside.

I found that song on many different CDs but chose this--Ancient Words--because of the Hebrew music on this particular CD.

I've been fond of Hebrew music for a long time. I love minor-keyed music. It just seems searching and thoughtful.

Besides my favorite tract "Ancient Words," which is decidedly not Hebrew-ish, I love "Kyrie." I love to sing "Kyrie" in ecclesiastical Latin and could never imagine it any other way.

Until now. This contemporary version melts me. Probably because the words are from David's psalm (51: 10ff).

Kyrie, eleison
Lord, have mercy.
Wash away my sin,
And pardon my transgression.
Make me clean again,
Have mercy on me.
Christe, eleison.
Christ, have mercy.

You can listen here.

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Dana said...

Yes, that tune/word are contrite and perfect for an early morning quiet time.
My CD of the season is by Paul Hiller called Home to Thanksgiving; and my favorite song is Christ the Apple Tree.

Dana in GA