Friday, November 24, 2006

A day for me

I've longed for this day for weeks.
And today is for me.

I plan to take the entire day resting, reading, a
nd spending time leisurely perusing book acquisitions I've made this fall.

I'll think about my reading plan for the coming year and what books I want to read when. I will enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.

Now that Thanksgiving is over (we ended up having 10 people), leftover food stored, dishes washed and put up, major household cleaning done, I can look ahead to these last few weeks of the year. (My husband thinks I'm strange because when I think of a period of time, whether it is a week, a month, or a year, I think with a landscape in mind. I see the days of the week stretching out as a road undulating over hills. I also think of words in terms of colors which I recently learned on a recent NPR segment really has a name, synesthesia. Does anyone else do this?)

Two major school projects are facing me after the first of the week but I've almost finished both.

Today, though, is my day.


MagistraMater said...

Oh, my dear friend, enjoy, enjoy this day! What a delight it will be. Look at that stack of books! Wheeee!

"I see the days of the week stretching out as a road undulating over hills." That's poetry, Janie.

I'd sure love to spend time with you and get infected with a love for science. Dava Sobel has probably done more than anyone at opening scientific vistas to me.

I've been reading _Kepler's Witch_ and thinking of you every other paragraph. Kepler was a Lutheran Galileo; a fascinating man. I'll blog some excerpts someday.

Happy Reading and Planning to Read Day!


Patti said...

I personally haven't read them yet, but my kids really like the Bond books (Duncan's War, etc.) My 19-year-old son read a couple over the summer and thought them well done. (He's good at evaluating the quality)