Friday, November 03, 2006

Fine Art Friday

"Peace," Sir Edwin Landseer

As I enjoy Phillip Keller's Lessons from a Sheep Dog in the early mornings this week, Fine Art Friday must be about border collies and sheep.

In searching for the right picture, I found one by Sir Edwin Landseer. (A Fine Art Friday in August also featured a Landseer painting.)

I thought I would include some excerpts from Lessons, but too much of Keller's thoughts are tied together in long segments and the right thoughts would be lost, I'm afraid, if I try to take bits out of the whole. So, if you've not read this short little book, you are missing a poignant message. I encourage you to find Lessons and see what I mean.

Back to Landseer...Landseer was a great portrait painter back in his day and visited Scotland for the first time in the early 1800's. Many of his painting included the Highlands, a land that impressed him deeply.

Interestingly, because Landseer's reputation as a portrait artist, Sir Walter Scott's portrait was painted by him. Acquainted with his work, Scott later wrote that"Landseer's dogs were the most magnificent things I ever saw."

Isn't it interesting the overlaps in history we find on these unexpected rabbit trails? (I love it!)


Dana said...

Although I am not a true dog lover, I may pick up this book because of your recommendation and because of the underlying message of shepherding.
Dana in GA
PS I need to fix my profile's of a shepherdess :)

Poiema said...

There is a picture book for children called "Lass" based on this book. I used it for devotional readings a few years ago when my children were younger. Lovely pictures and life lessons in this book.It's fun to take something "old" out of the memory box and remember it.