Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fine Art Friday

"The First Thanksgiving," Jennie Brownscombe

I remember this painting from grade school. I was in the fifth grade, maybe it was fourth, and we still had Bible class. That was the last year before the weekly Bible class was taken out of the public school system. Once a week, the Bible lady came for one afternoon period. All I remember is that sometimes we got to paste pictures as some kind of craft.

The only picture I remember pasting was this "First Thanksgiving" painting by American artist Jennie Brownscombe (
1850-1936). I've liked it since.

Lord, we thank you for this place in which we dwell,
for the love that unites us;
for the peace accorded us this day;
for the hope with which we expect on the morrow;
for the health, the work, the food,
and the bright skies that make our lives delightful;
for our friends in all parts of the earth.

(Robert Louis Stevenson)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful image! but just to spread the word to your readers out there that the first Thanksgiving occurred at Jamestown Virginia in 1619, not at Plymouth, MA. Virginia was also the first permanent English settlement too! Sorry, I don't want to sound tiresome but they are way too polite down there at Jamestown about tooting their own horn (plus I guess I have a southern bias)