Monday, November 13, 2006

Quick notes

[Addendum: The link is fixed now to MMV's "Twenty Minutes a Day" post. I have learned that I cannot prepare a post in Word with links and then cut and paste into Blogger without them messing up. Therefore, go to MMV now and read, no--memorize, this poem!]

After another full weekend, this week started off with a one-to-one student-professor “Tell me all you know about multiple intelligences” session presented in any form desired. I did my second in a lifetime PowerPoint presentation and aced it. At least, according to him. I thought it went really well, too.

Then I trekked off to the largest nearby city 45 miles away, to the classical school I hope to teach in next year, for the first of four days of observation. Today I was in 4th grade; tomorrow, 6th; Wednesday and Thursday, 8th and 9th.

I was very impressed. After having completed 40 hours in the 2500 student public high school, the difference in noise level alone was stunning. This school, which has 200+ students, was soooo quiet. Even when the kids walked down the hall to lunch it was quiet.

These 4th graders are doing some amazing work. Even though I saw a lot of this as I homeschooled my four children, it was something different to see a classroom of kids doing it all at once.

I’m kind of divided right now about whether I want to teach 4th grade next year. This school that I’ve wanted to teach in for a long time has a 4th grade opening for next year. After observing in the other classes, I think I will be able to make a better decision. While I like 4th grade, I have always thought I would prefer 7-8-9th grade. But they do have an opening for 4th. That makes a difference.

Many, many thanks to you who have left such nice comments. Thank you! I do intend to reply after I get through this week. (Next week: no school. All week long!)

Mindy, I did share with the 4th grade teacher today about Peril and Peace. She was so excited!

For those of you who might not have seen Mental Multivitamin’s post today, hop on over to read “Twenty Minutes a Day”. This poem should be parent memory work.

Glancing through today’s heavy mail delivery and tossing into the trash junk mail and unwanted catalogs with nothing I want or need in them, my eye catches this.

I don’t need it. I have several that do the same job. But I want it. I like the color. I like the pockets. And I like what it is for.

Oh, the temptation is strong. So very, very strong.
Excuses are forming in my mind with reasons why and how I could use this.
Catalog is in trash. But item is bookmarked.


Donna Boucher said...

I think the bag should be a reward. When you 'get the job' or finish the yourself a reward gift.

It makes perfect sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Where did you see this? I love it!! Post it on WTM! Smiles!!

~Holly from WTM

Carol in Oregon said...

Congratulations on the PowerPoint. I'm reading a book right now and I think of you with every page turn. No, every new paragraph. "Janie would like this book."

I'll post soon. The bag *is* quite nice. It is so much more attractive with the pockets, etc. full of stuff than if it were empty.

Poiema said...

I do love teaching 4th graders. They are transitioning into more complex work, are beginning to reason intelligently, and are still relatively unaffected by adolescent moodiness.
Wish we had a classical school in our area. I am envious! I look forward to hearing more about it as you approach decision time.
Best wishes,