Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A thankful list idea

What a wonderful thankful list Magistramater has. If you have not read it, please pop over there and do so. Not only is there a multitude of things she has listed, she has done so rather lyrically.

Magistramater's list has given me an idea to steep for a while---I would like to start a thankful list here, in the sidebar. This might be a good thing for many of us to do--to keep thankful things in front of us, especially in this current day of grumbles, complaints, hardships.

As classical educators, or simply as those who embrace those classical virtues of the good, the true, and the beautiful, maybe we should proclaim those things and sweeten the day or the lives of ourselves and others.

I will let this idea steep while I attend my last major project of the semester, the final exam,--a 15 minute presentation defense for teaching the liberal arts. I need about a month to do justice to this topic, but I was given one week. Submerging again for a time. When I emerge, I hope to have the Autumn Reading Challenge finished and posted, the Winter Reading Challenge up and running, and the thankful list begun.

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