Monday, December 04, 2006

Autumn Reading Challenge--completed

I love making lists.

And I love marking off completely items. (Such joy in a short, horizontal line!)

Autumn Reading Challenge list was reasonable. But only if I had not had other things to do. Like school.
ARC got amended as I expected.

The result?

The Intellectual Life
William the Baptist
Chosen by God
A Place to Stand: Martin Luther
Talk to the Hand
Lessons from a Sheepdog
Jayber Crow
Teacher Man
A Cat Named Darwin
Life is So Good
Peril and Peace
It Doesn’t Take a Genius
Increasing Academic Achievement with the Trivium of Classical Education
Classroom Management (Emmer, Evertson)
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

The best fiction book of this list was
Jayber Crow. I can't wait to read some more by Wendel Berry.

The best biography was
Peril and Peace with A Place to Stand and Life is So Good coming in close behind.

Stand by for the Winter Reading Challenge which started December 1 and will continue through February. Feel free to amend your lists to include Christmas gifts.

Keep reading!

(I'll update this with all the links from ARC readers as soon as I can.)


Leann said...

I will be doing the Winter Challenge with you, too. Did not make my goal but with my first semester back in school I did not expect to either. :) Blessings!!!

Mindy said...

Interesting list! The only one of those list I've read (other than Peril and Peace, of course!) is Chosen by God. That was years ago. Think I'll check out Jayber Crow.