Monday, December 11, 2006

The Pact

"Each of us experienced friendships that could have destroyed our lives. We suspect that many of the young brothers we treat every day in our hospitals are entangled in such friendships — friendship that require them to prove their toughness and manhood daily, even at the risk of losing their own lives. The three of us were blessed. We found in one another a friendship that works in a powerful way; a friendship that helped three vulnerable boys grow into successful men; a friendship that ultimately helped save our lives."

The Pact is written by three Afro-American peers who grew up and went to high school together. Growing up in poor, broken homes, they faced everyday life of crime and drugs in Newark, New Jersey.

The friendship of these three began as they met as they began high school for potentially successful students--those who showed higher aptitude on standardized testing. Each had come to realize that they did not see a future in life-on-the-streets and wanted something more productive, safe, and settled. So, they made a promise with each other. They covenanted together to become doctors and support each other in achieving the goal.

This is a story of the power of friendship and postive peer pressure at its best. Following each boy grow from a young adolescent into a young adult, the reader begins to understand the power of difficulties and delights, the heartaches and the hardships , and the joys and frustrations that growing up with an assumed sentence of poor and disadvantaged forever has on a person. And the reader sees how these three friends find strength in each other and the expectation, not just from himself, but from his friend has.

This book is a fine example of mentoring and positive peer pressure and one that I am adding to my list for high school students to read.


Carol in Oregon said...

Another great recommend from Janie.

We watched "Man on Fire" last Friday and my husband loved it, absolutely loved it. We talked it over with my son and his friend for quite a while after it had finished. Thanks for noting it earlier.

I think I'm bowing out of blogging for a few weeks. The wedding is Sunday and there is too much to think about!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like something I would really enjoy. Thanks, Janie.

At first I thought you were talking about the Pact, which is an early Jodi Picoult novel. That's a good read, too.