Friday, March 30, 2007

Fine Art Friday

"Milking Time"
Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer's paintings are also peaceful to me.
I have fond memories of my few years with Daisy, our milk cow.
There is a peacefulness sitting on the stool and milking the cow, listening to the early morning nature sounds and the cow chewing her hay, the smell of sweet hay and fresh milk, the feel of her warmth as I lean into her side, and the accompanying satisfaction of simple living.


Today, I morph into the current "Teacher of the Year" (sub-ing for her, I mean), heading up Enhancement classes with 9th graders again. Yesterday, I was another Enhancement teacher and American Sign Language teacher. I know zilch about sign language and so accustomed to audible speech that I tried to turn up the sound on the ASL video the class had to watch. Go figure!

I have thoughts about some experiences I've had this week that I want to write about when I find some time.

Happy Friday!


Dana said...

Wondering if you mean *Winslow HOMER*??

Or are you just checking to see how closely we are reading ;)

Dana in GA

Seasonal Soundings said...

Yes m'am, I did. My mind did a flipflop! Must have been thinking about the beach! (I'll correct it now.)