Monday, April 16, 2007

I just can't help telling you....I can hardly wait!

After months of weird weather--80∘ temps in February and today, the middle of April with the howling wind blowing snow in perfectly sunny weather and wind chill in the 20's-- the beach looks so, so good. And warm.

Making my beach reading list so far with

Executive Power (Flynn)
Memorial Day (Flynn)
Consent to Kill (Flynn)
Crisis (Cook)
Swimming Lessons (Monroe)

Notice the wide range of reading?
Shoot 'em up political thrillers, medical thriller, and one kind and gentle.
I thought I needed the kind and gentle to provide some balance. :)


DebD said...

Ahh, hubby and I are headed to Cancun in about a month too. During Lent it seemed so far, you're getting me in the mood.

desert mom said...

Hi Janie,

Your trip sounds wonderful! I'd be planning my books too, if I had such a trip planned. I answered your other questions on my blog but here is the info on the Marie Curie book:

_Madame Curie, a biography_
Written by her daugher, Eve Curie.
From the back:
"This is a love story of two who were great scientists and, at the same time, noble and highly civilized human beings. It is appropriate that a daughter should have written it so well."